The Difference Between You and I

I’m intimidated by you. The way you speak about religion seems much more glorious than how I choose to believe in it. and you say you would sob in a Catholic Mass but you would only sob out of pure boredom. (There’s no loud music with loud singing) 

You have these really amazing roommates and friends that all seem perfect and holy. Well, this past year I became friends with all sorts of people, including sluts and bitchy people. But I’m friends with those people because they have kind hearts. That’s what I look for in people – kind hearts. Religion doesn’t really tie my friends and I together. 

And another thing – I’ve never had a boyfriend. I know you’ve been committed before, but I haven’t. I used to think there was a reason all my friends had boyfriends and I didn’t. Maybe God just doesn’t want me to have one. All I know is that I want to stay a virgin, and God knows that too. It’s something sacred to me, and I want to give it away to the person I am so ridiculously and passionately in love with. So I know that if have a boyfriend, I’ll probably be tempted to have sex. Anyway, you scare me and I probably just scared you a little bit too. 

I feel like you would want to be with somebody who goes to the same church as you. But what if I can’t be that person? What if I want somebody who I can take to Mass with me? I honestly don’t even know who I am or what I want and I plan on spending the rest of my life trying to figure that out. Maybe the way you love God will grow on me and maybe it won’t. But for now all I really know is that there must be a reason God put us together and allowed us to continue hanging out. 

Your Trojan’s in my Head

I can’t avoid this any longer. It’s taking over my mind. Just like Kate Nash would say “analytical thoughts make me insane.” I’m just being a typical girl but I NEED to write about this and let it go, already. ugh. 

I have a crush. Although it sounds incredibly silly and 8th-grader-ish, I do not care. Because seriously, I haven’t actually actually liked a guy in a long time. I did my normal girl routine of deeply stalking him already and all that nonsense. After just one night of working together, I suddenly have a thing for him. I haven’t even seen him since. Why is this taking over my head? He’s good looking, sure. Normally I can get over good-looking fellas; I just acknowledge that they’re attractive and then proceed without making a big deal out of it. But this guy… I think what it is is that we just kinda..clicked? We seem very similar. Is it too soon to know that? I don’t know. I don’t care about the things I don’t know anymore. I want to be bold and independent with whatever decision I make to try to get to know him better. Aaaand I decide - 

I’ll casually ask him out for some coffee. I know he drinks coffee (sorry, that’s creepy). But anyway, even if he doesn’t drink coffee, he can order a tea or a smoothie. Whatever. Coffee is casual, and I think I want him to know that I like him. I am tired of being 8th-graderish, ya know? I’ll handle this like the bold young woman that I am – I will tell him that I like him. I have no doubt that I’ll turn all red and giggly about it, but that’s just who I am. That’s my personality. And I think it shows that I actually do like him. 

Why is it sooo hard to like someone? I think I just fear the person not liking me back. Then, when I get all hypothetical and think “what if he doesn’t like me?” I flip out. Then, I start to act like someone I’m not, just to get them to like me…when I don’t even know if they like me in the first place! 

When will my little girlness end? 

Don’t know, don’t care? 

I think I have all the rest of my life to mature, anyway :p 

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Why Women Read

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The subtitle of this post is “In the Nineteenth Century.” During that time, there were, apparently, many types of readers and stereotypes about women who read. Today, I’ll share eight of those types of female readers with you from Patricia Okker’s book Our Sister Editors: Sarah J. Hale and the Tradition of Nineteenth-Century American Women Editors (1995).  Okker’s book has a section devoted to the rise of literacy among women of the nineteenth century. It reminded me of a beautiful book of postcards called The Reading Woman that my good friend Amy gave me for Christmas. The images on the postcards are historical images of women as readers as painted by some of the masters.


In Okker’s study of women editors, she noted that “the woman reader was not seen as particularly beneficial to society, but she also posed no social threats” (p. 113). Here are eight of the ways…

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A Million Little Pieces

I have finally finished this stunning book. Whether it is a true story or not, it’ll stay with me forever. Honestly, it was exhausting to read. It was too emotional. And all those emotions were incredibly repetitive throughout the entire book. But, I guess, considering the situation, how can a novel like this not be emotional? I salute James Frey, because even if he did lie about actually having experienced what he wrote, he still came up with a beautiful story. Although he broke the rules and lied about it being a true story, I think that is what creativity is all about – inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.

A Million Little Pieces

I have too many favorite parts in this book that I would absolutely love to share with all of my readers. and hopefully, get you to read the book as well! One of my favorite parts is when James is talking about how lonely he is. His description is powerful and touching.

image copy

 I agree James, being alone is awful. 

But, let’s not forget about my very favorite moment. James has a forbidden romance with a character in the novel – Lily. Something about the way they are with each other is so tender and sentimental.

photo^^ Yeah, I know. It’s beautiful.

Anyway, I hope you fellow bloggers/readers give this book a chance.

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The calm.

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Press play first.

_DSC0503 copy

As I am writing this bit I am twisted into my blanket on my bed, in my room, in our communal home, in San Diego, in California, in the United States, in North America, in planet Earth, in the solar system, in Milky Way Galaxy, floating along with other billions of galaxies, in a vast expanding universe, in infinity and all the things we will never know.

I currently have five blog posts waiting to be finished, this being one of them. I’ve written and re-written this in spurts, in different times, different days, different places. So I’m just going to let the rest spill and talk to you. Human to human.

I’ve honestly felt out of place this year. Ever since I stepped off the plane and back into familiarity, that’s what I’ve felt like. Kind of like a fish out of water. But then again…

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Summa Time

stone mountain (small)-10

I went to Stone Mountain this week with my closest guy friends. I went to high school with these guys and to be honest, we weren’t even that close throughout the years. It’s quite funny how friendships can develop even after graduation when we are all separated. Anyway, I obviously had a wonderful time. Hence, my ridiculous laughing in this picture. It was probably one the best days I have had this summer. That might sound sad, but it’s true especially because my summer has been filled with taking classes and work work work. Anyway, it was a great time hiking Stone Mountain mainly because we were all struggling together, which made the experience funnier. But, when we finally got to the top, the view was so worth the struggle. The conversation was great too. We talked about doing a backpacking trip a couple years from now. It got me way too excited. I can’t think of any other guys I would rather go exploring the world with. It’s pretty amazing having friends with similar interests and aspirations. I really do hope the three of us stay friends forever.

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I just bought tickets to my first concert!

I am excited to say I am going to my first concert on September 28th! And it is one of my favorite bands of all time. My brother just bought me two tickets as a birthday present. I want to start experiencing all that life has to offer, and I think this is a decent start, although many people are way ahead of me. It’s not a race though, is it? No. So here I am. Going to my first concert! Happy birthday to me! :)



The Head and the Heart

photo 2

Lately, I’ve been missing some of the things I did this year. When I think about it, my freshman year was a year full of adventure. I am grateful I had the opportunity to try new things. The biggest thing was definitely experiencing aerial dance. It is much harder than it looks, folks. I wish all people could experience it to realize the challenge that was held against me. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. The result was amazing. My body changed incredibly. And mentally there was a difference too! Often people think working out is always a physical challenge, but they do not consider that perhaps it is just all in their head. It’s all a mental thing. One has to be determined. And one definitely has to be passionate. It’s all about the head and the heart.



Why I Am Here


First, I’d like to begin by sharing a song. I am currently obsessed with the song above ^. Also, a friend once told me that I need to write my thoughts down mainly because… I have too many, and perhaps writing them down may help with…whatever it’s supposed to help with.

Anyway, I am here because I want to share my love for yoga with everyone. While this blog may be centered mainly about my yoga progress, there is a lot more to it than just that. And there is a lot more to me than just yoga – which you will notice in many more posts to come. Even if no one is reading this, it’s okay, because I am writing this for myself more than anyone else. But if anyone out there IS reading this, then that’s really cool, and I hope you continue reading. & if I am REALLY lucky, then perhaps this will be your source of inspiration.